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Chronology of events May 2, 2014 in Odessa (in English). Part 1.

This chronology covers events on Mat, the 2nd , 2014 that happened in central part of Odessa (Sobornaya square, Grecheskaya square, Alexandrovsky Avenue and surrounding area) from the beginning of the gathering of activists until the end of detention of armed men in the shopping centre “Athena”.
The chronology is based on information available to the group as of 26 of June 2014 and may be supplemented and revised in the future. Information obtained from the public sources (published photos and video footage, eyewitness, personal testimonies) by “2nd of May Group” as part of their own journalistic investigation.
The chronology contains only facts that The Group believes to be reliable and that do not seem to be on contrary of other known facts and circumstances. The document does not contain comments, personal judgements, interpretations and other subjective assessments of the authors. 

The situation in Odessa in the morning on 2nd of May.

On May, the 2nd, the game between “Chernomorets” (Odessa) and “Metallist”(Kharkov) was scheduled within of the Ukrainian football championship. Teams’ fan clubs traditionally maintained good friendly relationships. More than that all fan clubs of Ukrainian premier league announced the termination of any conflict in order to support unitary structure and independence of Ukraine.

The kick off was scheduled for 5pm. A few days before there was an announcement about gathering of football fans and supporters of unitary structure of Ukraine , at 3pm at Sobornaya square. It was planned to held the “marsh of Unity of Ukraine”. It was expected to pass a joint marsh along Deribasovskaya street and further towards “Chernomorets” football arena which is located in Shevchenko park. City authorities reported about the upcoming road closure in the central part of Odessa.

Earlier regional authorities (the head of the regional state administration Vladimir Nemirovsky) has made a public promise to remove a tent camp of “Antimaidan” activists from Kulikovo Field to secure military parade on 9th of May. In response to that some leaders of Antimaidan announced their intention to prevent the parade which in their opinion was inappropriate in the situation of the ATO (anti-terrorist operation) in the eastern regions of the country. Police and local politicians are trying to negotiate with the leaders. Some of the tents particularly the tent of “Odessa squads” were moved to a green area at the outskirt of Odessa at the “Memorial of the heroic defence of Odessa 411 coastal battery”, earlier on 30th of April. There is a reliable information that this process of moving was made with the financial stimulation of organization leaders by stakeholders.

Earlier at the entrances of the city there were checkpoints organized. Functioning of such check points was supported by pro-Ukrainian activists with the assistance of the police. There were 150-200 activists on duty and they were from different regions of Ukraine.

Kulikovo Field activists suspect that the arrival of football fans known for their pro-Ukrainian position can be used and will be used as a pretext for the final demolition of the tent camp. Information about gathering near the monument to fallen police officers on Alexandrovsky Avenue (near the intersection with the Zhukovskaya street) in order to prevent the march of football fans was widespread in the social media at internet pages of Kulikovo Field activists.

There begins nomination to the position of city mayor including two leaders from Kulikovo field - Rostislav Barda and Alexey Albu.

The 1st of May is a traditional day of demonstration for left-handed political parties and organizations: Communists party, “Borotba” union, "Union of anarchists of Ukraine", "Youth unity". The demonstration which took place without any incidents and ended at Kulikovo Field, was attended by about 1,000 people.

In the evening on the 1st of May in a new tent camp at the Memorial of 411-th battery friendly picnic takes place. “Odessa squads” activists , Cossacks and several activists of Euromaidan with families invited as guests there.

Security Service of Ukraine sends a notification to the Ministry of Internal Affairs about possible provocations on the 2nd of May. Similar notices were sent repeatedly in recent months.

Chronicle  of events on 2nd of May
In the morning of 2nd of May additional train arrives at the central train station in Odessa which is located nearby Kulikovo Field. Train brings football fans of “Metallist” team. Other groups of football fans come by other kinds of transport. Given the long weekends and holidays many people arrive with their families. Arrival and stay of football fans from Kharkov take place without any complications.

Also in the morning of 2nd of May Euromaidan supporters from other regions of Ukraine are in Odessa. In particular, the activists and commanders of Kiev "Self Defense". Besides there are small groups of people in the city including the residents of southern areas of Odessa region. Their political views participation and their role in the subsequent events has not been established.

12:00 Odessa regional Prosecutors office begins a meeting on the rule of law. Present: Deputy advocate general N.Banchuk, head of Regional State Administration V.Nemirovsky, head of the regional SBU office S. Kurosh, head of regional police department P.Lutsyuk, his deputy D.Fuchedzhi, head of Department for Organized Crime Control Kuzmenko, other chiefs of regional law enforsment bodies and military units commanders.

13:00 Several dozens of activists gather in the tent camp at Kulikovo field awaiting for the announced shanson concert

13:30 Alexandrovsky avenue, quarter between Zhukovskogo street and Evreyskaya street. Supporters of Kulikovo Field begin to gather, most if them are from so-called "Odessa Squads". They wear red adhesive tapes above their elbows.


14:40  Kulikovo Field activists located at the corner of Alexandrovsky Avenue and Zhukovskogo street, come into conflict with a young man Denis T. The circumstances of the beginning of the conflict are unknown. During the conflict Denis T. makes a few shots from a pneumatic weapon or pistol chambered for Flaubert. Kulikovo Pole activists detain him without causing any visible damage, disarm him and pass to police.


14:50 Meeting in Odessa regional Prosecutors office is coming to an end.

14:55 Kulikovo Field activists are trying to cut off the entrance of the building at Zhukovskogo street, 36, where headquarters of organisation "The board of public safety " is situated. They are trying to turn a car upside down and making an attepmt to enter the courtyard. Activists of patriotic organisations are trying to block the entrance.

15:01 Kulikovo Field activists break the windows in a car with vehicle registration tag BН6065ВТ parked  near the building at Zhukovskogo street, 36. Public Safety Police chief  D.Fuchedzi and special battalion of militia fighters (former "Berkut") arrive at the scene. Fighters are forming ranks.

15:05  Not less than one thousand football fans of "Metallist", "Chernomorets" football teams and pro-ukrainian activists gather at the Sobornaya square. Order is guarded by around 100 participants of  "self-defence", equiped with means of protection, shields and sticks.

15:13 Kulikovo Field activists come back to Alexandrovsky Avenue. Police is lining up another one rank and cutting off a road to Zhukovskogo street, 36. Kulikovo Field activists in collumn headed by a person identified by eyewirnesses as Sergey Dolzhenkov, are starting to move towards Bunina street at the left side of the street (oncoming traffic)


15:17   Organised group of equiped Kulikovo Field activists is coming out at Bunina street, after that the group is moving towards Ekaterininskya street, chanting slogans. They are accomanied by senior police officers who continually give instructions to subordinated by mobiles phones.

15:19 Kulikovo field activists group is turning from Bunina street to Ekaterininskaya street.

15:22 Organised group of pro-ukrainian activists is starting to form at Sobornaya square, which is getting ready to come towards Deribasovskaya street.

15:23 Police is forming two lines across Ekaterininskaya street in order not to let Kulikovo field activists enter Deribasovskaya street.

15:24  Kulikovo Field activist nicknamed "Captain Cocoa" commands "Column stop! ". The group stops after which its turning and moving backwards and later turning to the right at the direction of Grecheskaya street.

15:26  Organised group of football fans and pro-ukrainian activists preparing to come forward towards Deribasovskaya street. Equipped activists of "self-defence" are building the corridor in front if the Greecheskaya street, protecting the marchers from a possible attack.


15:27 Kulikovo Field group is passing the Greecheskaya square and moving towards Sobornaya square


15:28  Unequiped police officers line up near the crossroad of Grecheskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets in order to separate the opponents.

15:29 Several Kulikovo Field activists breaking the police rank. From the Sobornaya square, from behind of "Self-defence" rank, group of soccer fans "Ultras" are coming out. First clashes are happening near a cafe "Zharyu-Paryu". Kulikovo field activists open fire from an unknown handgun, the parties use pyrotechnic devices: firecrackers, smoke bombs, flares.

15:31 Clashes participants begin to disassemble the sidewalk and break the tiles, which is used for throwing at opponents. There are victims, mainly from the rocks fallung in unprotected faces and heads of "ultras" group members and unorganized activists on both sides. A car lights from the bottle thrown by Kulikova Field activists. Both sides use smoke bombs, stones, firecrackers and unidentified handgun.



15:35  A group of "Odessa squads" activists bypasses Vice Admiral Zhukov lane and overlooks the Cathedral Square from Deribasovskaya. At 15:40 at the request of police officers, this group quickly leaves the Cathedral Square and goes across Deribasovskaya street to join its major powers.

15:37 A car lights from the bottle thrown by Kulikovo Field activists. Fire is rapidly eliminated.


15:39 "Self-defense" is moving across Preobrazhenskaya street and forming so called " turtle ", blocking Greecheskaya street in the neighborhood of "Zharyu-Paryu" cafe. From a homemade grenades thrown by Kulikovo field activists (squib "Corsair-12" with striking elements of nails and screws) one fighters of "self-defense" is badky wounded (a penetrating wound to the neck and lung). Kulikova field group is building a barricade from the garbage containers. The police clears the "security zone" between the parties and forming more ranks. The clashes continue with fireworks, pneumatic, traumatic, bladed weapons, improvised subjects (stones , reinforcement) and revolvers chambered for Flaubert. "

15:45 Mobilization is announced at Kulikovo Field to assist "Odessa squad." A group of militians, the so-called "Kulikovo Field mobile group", extends in the direction of Grecheskaya street.

16:00 White vehicle Ford Transit with vehicle registration tag AN6852EO is entering the Greek square, from the side of Ekaterininskaya street. A driver is an activist of "Kulikovo Field mobile group" Vitaly Bud'ko nicknamed "Boatswain".

16:05 Few dozens of  "ultras" group and pro-Ukrainian group comes into the Vice Admiral Zhukov lane from Deribasovskaya street. Andrei Biryukov who happened to be on the site of the collision is among them. He was dressed in civilian clothes and did not take an active part in the confrontation. They go to the middle of the block, start throwing stones and fireworks at opponents who are behind the police line which cordones off the area near the intersection with the Greecheskaya street.


16:10 During the attack on the corner of Deribasovskaya street and Vice-Admiral Zhukov lane, around summer terrace of the restaurant "Gambrinus" , activist of "Right Sector " group Igor Ivaniv was mortally wounded. Presumably he was shot by Vitaly Bud'ko (Boatswain) from the AKS-74U or the rifle "Vulcan TK". This event and the of another five people from gunshot wounds have made further developments Odessa tragedy irreversible.


16:15  "Self-defence" group beginning to line up in the collumn and leaving the Greek street around "Zharyu-paryu" cafe, blocked earlier by several police ranks. Organized group is moving towards Preobrazhenskaya street, then left onto Bunina street. Surrounding euromaidan supporters greeting them with applause and shouts "To Kulikovo". According to the leaders of the "Self-defense", the aim was to block the Greecheskaya square from the opposite (eastern) side in the Krasniy Lane. Group of activists remaining at the scene create a chain to transmit broken sidewalk tiles towards Sobirnaya square.


16:21 Corner of Vice Admiral Zhukov and Grecheskaya street Kulikovo Field supporters are pushing back "Ultras" group using a firearm

16:24 Vie Admiral Zhukov Lane "Kulikovo Field" group are breaking through the police cordon and chasing opponents until the Deribasovskaya street where they continue to shot from firearm and throw Molotov cocktails. Andrey Biryukov is mortally wounded by a bullet from a hunting air rifle.

16:25 Seruously wounded Andrey Biryukov was evacuated to the crossroad between Derobasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets. People are trying to administer the firts aid to him.

16:27  "Self-defence" group is trying to intercept the fire engine ZiL which is coming out from Vice Admiral Zhukov lane towards Bunina street. "Euromaidan" activists take possession of the vehicle without the use of violence against employees of Ministry of Emergency. Afterwards a rank of "Self-defense" group is blocking Bunina street near Vice Admiral Zhukov lane and Alexandrovsky Avenue.


16:28 Ambulance is coming to Preobrazhenskaya street , next to Sobornaya square. Emergency doctors administer the first aid to wounded "Ultras" group members and Euromaidan supporters, including Igor Ivanov who beleived to have a penetrating abdominal injury. First aid station was camped at Grecheskaya street, next to TYUZ theater, where triage and first aid administry occured.

16:29  At Vice-Admiral Zhukov lane, at the intersection with Deribasovskaya street, the first police rank was formed. They are protecting themselves with shields, activists of Kulikovo Field are standing behind them. Few dozens of "Ultras" are throwing rocksat them. A man nicknamed "Boatswain" who is standing behind the police rank, repeatedly shooting with single fire from the gun AKS-74U or the rifle on its base in the direction of the attackers. It does not stop them: "ultras" discouraged with shots, run back then come back to attack again. At Deribasovskaya steet and in the City Garden, Kulikovo Field activists coming out from behind of the police cordon to harass and beat individual members of "The Ultras" group, using Molotov cocktails and firing from semiautomatic weapons on Deribasovskaya Street. Police officers do not take active steps to arrest people involved in the clashes, who are throwing bottles and armed with firearms (including items like automatic AKS-74U and UZI submachine gun used for single firing) .



16:34 Corner of Preobrazhenskaya and Deribasovskaya streets At the intersection of Deribasovskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets paramedics ascertain the death of Andrei Biryukov.


After that euromaidan supoorters standing around wounded person, firmly demand that the police officers intervene and detain armed men. Police officers in the service car Renault Duster quickly leave towards Sophievskaya street, nearly hitting a man down the road. This causes resentment among present people. In the second police car g / n 1423 people smash a windows, the car also takes off and leaves.

16:35 Bunina street, Alexandrovsky avenue "Self-defence" group and "People's squads" activists which is coming from Kulikovo Field to strengthen "Odessa squads" griup, clash at the corner of Bunina street and Alexandrovsky avenue. "Self-defence" superseding and chasing the opponents along the Alexandrovsky avenue.

16:45 "Ultras" and activists of Euromaidan pushed back police rank and activists of Kulikovo Field deep into the Vice Admiral Zhukov lane toward the Grecheskaya square with stones, firecrackers and shots from an unidentified handguns


16:50 Unidentified woman refers to the headquarters of  "The board of public safety " at Zhukovsky, 36 with the information about three men in camouflage uniforms are getting weapons from a grey "Chrysler" car vehicle registration tag VN5510VІ parked on Alexandrovsky avenue. Activists are blocking the car and require police officers who were nearby, to conduct its survey, but officers refuse to do so. Then the wife of the car's owner Igor Astakhov rings the phone and pretty soon the car from the back side of Greecheskaya street three "Antimaydan" activists come, among them there is Igor Astakhov, who later, in January 2015, made a resonant triple murder on the grounds of financial conflict. They are identified as the members of Cossack organizations operating at the Kulikovo Field. Euromaidan activists require them to present the contents of the trunk, and there found a shotgun cartridge in the chamber (be ready for immediate opening of the fire), and two traumatic guns. During personal inspection they reveal a few more traumatic pistols ready for immideate use and some hunting knives. Activists call an investigation team and pass Cossacks to it.

17:00 Shevchenko park, "Chernomorets" stadium. Football game "Chernomorets-Mettalist" is getting started. According to various estimates, there are 600-700 people at the guest tribune.


17:05 Fire truck is driving into Vice Admiral Zhukov lane, blocked by "Self-defense" group from the side of Bunina street. Crossroad of the lane and Grecheskaya street is blocked with improvised barricades and the rank of police officersvwith shields. Euromaydan activists are trying to use a fire truck as the water cannon.

17:10 Euromaidan headquarters staff is making the first SMS-mailing to it's supporters with an ask to come to the aid.

17:20 - 17:30 Grecheskaya street, between Preobrazhenskaya street and Vice Admiral Zhukov lane, Grecheskaya square , shopping mall "Aphina" (northern side) Police blocks completely Grecheskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets up to Vice Admiral Zhukov lane. The clashes have moved to the area of ​​the Greek square - to the unfinished parking lot (the southern part of the square) and the intersection of Vice-Admiral Zhukov lane and Greek street (Bulgarian cultural center, shop "Antoshka" and the western facade of the shopping center "Athena"). Fire Truck is entering Greek square from tge side of Krasniy lane, driving around the shopping center "Athena" on the north side, and moving toward the the Bulgarian cultural center. Kulikovo field group supporters entering the underground parking construction site in the southern wing of the Greek square. "Self-defense" and euromaidan acrivists form rows in odrder to block the exit from the construction site on the Bunina street. Kulikovo field supporters are gradually retreating from Bunina street to "Athena" shopping mall.

17:30-18:00 The peak of the confrontation at Greek square. Fierce clashes with rocks on both sides, improvised explosive devices with metal shrapnel, Molotov cocktails, firearms, traumatic, pneumatic weapons and revolvers chambered for Flaubert. On Deribasovskaya street, near the intersection with Vice Admiral Zhukov lane a group of young people pouring fuel mixture. Among others, this is done using beer bottles that are poured immediately onto the asphalt.

About 17:45 Toward the ranks of policemen standing at the intersection with shields Grecheskaya streets and the Grecheskaya square (between Bulgarian cultural center and shopping mall "Athena"), and Kulikovo Field supoorters standing behind them, buckshot from a double-barreled shotgun is happening, the source of shooting is located at the balcony of Bulgarian cultural center. Presumably Kulikovo Field activists Alexander Zhulkov, Nicholay Jaworski were killed as the result of this shooting. Eugene Losinsky and several police officers were seriously wounded. One of the "Odessa squads" leaders Sergei Dolzhenkov was also wounded as well as a chief editor of "Dumskaya" newspaper Oleg Konstantinov, who led photographing at the western facade of the shopping mall "Atgena" together with other johrnalists. The suspect in the shooting - Sergei Hodiyak , activist of the "Right Sector"organisation.

About 17:45 Gennady Petrov, Kulikovo Field activist is killed in the shooting near shopping mall "Athena", he is mortally wounded in chest from a gunshot. Other injured partitipants are taken by emergency cars and private vehicles.


About 17:50 Some of the police officers, located at the crossroads of Greecheskaya square and Vice Admiral Zhukov lane wear red tapes, similar to those "Odessa squads" activists are wearing, around their arms.

17:55  Colonel Fuchidzhi receives minor hand injury. Emergency doctor insists on evacuating Fuchedzhi together with other injured. Among others, in the same vehicle with registrating tag 150-72ОК, which was heading to city hospital #11, "Botswain" leaves the site. The gun he used was never found.


About 18:00  A group of Kulikovo Field activists refers to Lieutenant Colonel Pasechnikov with an ask to drive away the people with guns that are firing from a balcony of the Bulgarian cultural center. A group of activists and police entering the rooms of the Centre breaking a window from the outside and from inside of the staircase, later activists displace people from the balcony by using fire extinguishers. According to witnesses, when they went to the balcony two people with guns, presumably guns were traumatic or Flaubert, appeared and a few people thta were throwing rocks. There was also large number of prepared Molotov cocktails at the balcony, which pelted from bottles thrown into them. The fire was quickly eliminated using fire extinguishers inside the building by Kulikovo Field group and out by Euromaidan activists.

About 18:05. At the second-half of the football match "ultras" are leaving one of the tribunes of the "Chernomorets" stadium. Partly fans proceed to other tribunes, partly they leave the stadium. Fans from the guest tribune remain at the stadium untill the end of the game and leave the stadium aproximately at 19:20.

18:10  In the fire truck located between the Bulgarian cultural center and "Athena" shopping mall, all windows were broken. Molotov cocktail is getting inside. Euromaidan activists eliminate fire and continued to use it the fire truck as a battering ram, displacing opponents of the shopping maill "Athena" in the direction of Vice Admiral Zhukov lane.

18:15 Bunina street, Sobornaya square, Grecheskaya square, shopping mall "Athena" (eastern entrance). Kulikovo Field group is breaking through at Bunina street. Another group is retreating through police cordon to Sobornaya Square. Third group is trying to go through the shopping mall "Athena" in the direction of Krasniy Lane. The shopping center is closed by that time, the activists are breaking throug lined Interior troops lined up at Kulikovo Field. Euromaidan activists and "Ultras" group are blocking the exit and trying to enter the building from the opposite (eastern side of the Krasniy lane) outside. The clashes are getting started at the door from Krasniy Lane. Kulikovo Field supporters displacing the opponents, barricading both exits with payment terminals and ATM machines. After that they are spreading at the floors.

About 18:20  Kulikovo Field group barricaded inside the shoping mall "Athena", take away a cell phone from journalist Valeriya Ivashkina. They delete all videos from the cell phone, as they don't want to be identified later. Odessa city counsil deputy Igor Dimitriev who was there at the moment, is taking the cell phone back and gives it to Ivashkina.

About 18:25 Several Kulikovo field supporters go down to the underground floor of the shopping mall "Athena", where supermarket "Tavria V " is situated and accompanied with the security workers of supermarket, they get water and inflamable substances.

18:25 Euromaidan supporters and "Ultras" localise the big griup of Kulikovo Field supoorters next to the crossroad of Grecheskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets. During the clashes they displace and pursue the opponents until Bunina street. Activist Mark Gordienko is calling them to come back to Sobornaya square. There they take common decision to continue walking until Kulikovo Field square.

18:30  Part of Euromaidamn group is trying to chase retreating opponents at Sobornaya square and Vice Admiral Zhukov lane, the other part of group is trying to prevent lynching, giving the first aid to injured people. Police officers also give the first aid to injured people.

18:30 Group of people, barricaded in shopping mall "Athena", are observing the situatiin from upper floors of the building.They can see that police is walking out two Kulikovo Field supporters and the crowd starting to beat them. The crowd consists of Euromaidan supporters and "Ultras" football fans.

Euromaidam supoorters set on fire vehicle Ford Transit with registration tag АН6852ЕО, parcked from the side of Deribasovskaya street (northern side of shopping mall "Athena" building), untill 17 o'clock the vehicle is burned down.


Around 18:35 At the intersection of Grecheskaya and Preobrazhenskaya streets next to café «Zharjyu-Parjyu» Euromaidan activists find a person in police camouflage uniform with a machine gun AKS-47U (or carabin based on it). It was the chief of Regional Criminal police office Anatoly Misiura. He refused to present his weapon for an inspection. Activists block him and mistakenly recognise him as a Chief of Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Oleg Kuzmenko.


 18:40  In front of doors of the grocery store “Obzhora” at Preobrazhenskaya street big group of “Ultras” and Euromaidan supporters block a young man with a red stripe on his hand wearing army uniform with equipment, in mask and army helmet MICH. He refuses to take off the mask in order to be identified, conflict with 100 participants is about to start. Activists say that this young man is a foreign saboteur. Police and "Self-defence" prevent lynching.

About 19:00 Policemen take detained man to Primorsky police department.


18:50 One of the Euromaidan leaders Andrew Yusov try to manage the movement of activists from Preobrazhenskaya street towards Kulikovo field.


From Sobornaya square, Grecheskaya square, Grecheskaya street and nearby quarters big chaotic groups of "Ultras" and Euromaidan supporters starting to move towards Kulikovo field , moving along Ekaterininskaya, Rishel'evskaya, Pushkinskaya streets and Alexandrovsky Avenue. On their way they are breaking city lights and political advertisement with candidates, connected with "Region Party".


19.00 Detain operation is getting started in shopping mall "Athena". Police is pushing the "ultras" and chaoric Euromaidan group, "Self-Defence" group is helping police to block the exits. From the shop "Antoshka" (west exit) police officers are managed by Colonel Misyura. On the opposite (eastern) side police officers are managed by colonels Lutsyuk and Fuchedzhi.

About 19:05  A person who introduced himself as Oleg, maybe the head of District Department Fighting against organized crime Oleg Kuzmenko, initiates negotiations with Kulikovo Field supporters located inside the shopping mall "Athena". He demands to go out from the building under the threats to storm it otherwise. He guarantees safety evacuation for the people to the police station and their release afterwads.

19:20  Special forces (apparently, rapid response squad "Sokol" ) followed by senior officers, is coming inside the building of "Athena" shopping mall from the eastern side.

19:24  The frist paddy wagon arrives to "Athena" shoping mall. People at the entrance that are mostly chaotic Euromaidan supporters and "Self-Defence" griup, are shouting "walk them away with no masks at their faces!" Police detains few dozens of people. Afterwards colonel Misyura is passing his machine gun AKS 74U (or carabiner on its basis) to colonel Fuchedzhi. After that officers are driving away rom Grecheskaya square. It was revealed later that people detained next to "Athena" mall were taken to police station in Ovidiopol town and Belgorod-Dnestrovsky town in Odessa region. Few days later they were convoyed to Vinnitsa region.

Under the terms "Antimaidan" and "Kulikovo Field" we mean organizations and individuals who share the idea of federalization of Ukraine and / or the creation on its territory as an independent public entities and / or changes of the external borders of the state, and support the actions of activists of the tent camp, which was located on the area of Kulikovo field in Odessa in February-April 2014.
The term "Euromaidan" the authors refer to organizations and individuals who are supporters of a unitary system and / or the European integration of Ukraine and / or maintain the external borders of the state unchanged and support the actions of the activists - participants of mass protests ("Independence Square") 2013-2014 years in Kiev and Odessa.
Under the term "ultras" authors indicate the informal group of the most active football fans.
These terms are used only to refer to the parties in conflict and do not imply any evaluation and performance.
The text of the document can be freely used in commercial and non-commercial use only fully intact while maintaining authorship without making it any unauthorized changes, cuts or additions.
The authors, members of the "Group 2 of May":

Vladislav Balinskii
Yuri Vesilyk
Tatiana Gerasimova
Sergei Dibrov
Valery Ivashkina
Yuri Mukan
Eugene Peresypkin
Svetlana Podpalaya
Paul Polamarchuk
Vladimir Sarkisyan
Vladislav Serdyuk
Yuri Tkachev
Leonid Stekel

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